Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Frets On Fire, Versi Kecil Dari Guitar Hero

Frets On Fire, adalah game bergenre musik yang bisa dibilang sama dengan guitar hero...hanya saja ukurannya kecil dan bisa di mainkan di komputer dengan spek rendah...cara mainnya sama dengan guitar hero...

Unreal Voodoo
Sami Kyöstilä
Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Release date(s)                               
3 August 2006 (debut release), 5 November 2008 (latest version)
Single player, multiplayer (in more recent versions)
System requirements
128 or 256 MB RAM, OpenGL graphics card

Frets on Fire is a video game that imitates the commercial game Guitar Hero. It is playable on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The player presses buttons in time to coloured markers, which appear on-screen, the markers are matched with the rhythm of the music. Frets on Fire can be played by using a keyboard by pressing the fret buttons and pick buttons, although there is support for joysticks, meaning that with the appropriate adapter and/or software, various guitar-type controllers can be used as well.[5]

Coloured square-shaped markers appear on the player's screen, synchronized with the song and are played by holding the fret buttons that correspond with the correct colour and pressing one of the pick button at the correct moment. Every ten correct hits increase the score multiplier, which multiplies the points for every hit by up to four times. The multiplier is reset when the player misses a note or strums at the wrong time.

download langsung gan...gratis...
Frets On Fire
Frets On Fire (36 MB)

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